EBI#3 The best so far

well done to the Russell Ritchie and the Gasser Garage crew for bringing out some more of their historic stash for the original owners to remenisce/drive it like they've borrowed it! good to see the Lee Leighton oval freshly renovated by The Paintbox with the Prosign touch on the signwriting. And Jules from Julianhunt.net was there with a small mosquito massacre on the front of his newbieEBI31EBI32EBI33EBI34EBI35

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Goodwood Festival Of Speed - Got it covered!

Whilst i've been away at EBI#3, my dad's beent to goodwood and taken some shots of the cars(and girls). EBI to follow tomorrow when i've got some energy back!Michael came with me as he wanted to see Peter Fonda on the Easy Rider chopper.He seemed more interested in the poachers literature than their other 'attractions'.The west coast truck is owned by Jesse James of West Coast Choppers and Monster Garage fame -His wife Sandra Bullock was also there.The Porsche 356 'Glockler Special' was built by Frankfurt VW dealer Walter Glockler in 1952 using a much lightened production chassis and 1488cc engine giving 86bhp on alcohol.Driven at Goodwood by Desire Wilson (in blue overalls on left) only female FI race winner.VW-Chevrolet Beetle - Mick Hill built this Formula 5000 based car to contest Super Saloon series in 1976.Uses the the front suspension and entire rear end of a Trojan T102 single seater.Poacher choppers mollWest Coast TruckGlockler 356VW- Chevy beetle

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